Fonseca’s “Agent Carter” Return Revealed

Though absent from the cast list for the second season, it has been confirmed that Lyndsy Fonseca will reprise the role of automat waitress and housemate Angie Martinelli in the Marvel series which returns to screens January 19th.

“Agent Carter” executive producer Michele Fazekas tells EW that: “Episode 8 ends with a cliffhanger where Peggy and Jarvis [James D’Arcy] get in big trouble and are knocked out. Episode 9 begins with a dream sequence that starts in black and white.”

As everything changes back into color, it kicks off a “full-on Broadway musical dance number” choreographed by Louis van Amstel (“Dancing with the Stars”) and sporting an original song from lyricist David Zippel and composer Christopher Lennertz.

Fonseca will be a part of that dream sequence which will also include various professional dancers from “Dancing with the Stars”.