Fogler Talks “Fantastic Beasts 3” Delay

Fogler Talks Fantastic Beasts 3 Delay

Recently came the news that the third film in the “Harry Potter” spin-off series “Fantastic Beasts” was delaying the start of its production by several months.

The news followed on from the opening of the $200 million-budgeted second film, which scored weak reviews and somewhat soft box-office, so additional time to work on the project sounded like a good idea.

Speaking with Hey U Guys this week, actor Dan Fogler revealed that the reasons he and the other cast were given for the delay turns out to be due to the sheer scale of the new production:

“Yeah, we start in the fall. The movie is going to be gigantic! The reason we were given is that the movie is bigger than the first two combined. They needed more time to prep and they didn’t want to rush anything so they pushed it back. I can tell you that we are going to Brazil. I don’t really know much…[laughs]. I’ll get a script closer to when we start shooting.”

Filming was originally slated to begin in the Summer for a Fall 2020 release, but the delay could see the film pushed to 2021 – though no release date delay has yet been announced by Warners.