Focus To Open Joe Wright’s “Hour” Late 2017

Focus Features has announced a November 24th 2017 release date for Joe Wright’s “Darkest Hour” in the United States.

Gary Oldman is attached to play British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the film which deals with his turbulent early days in office during World War Two in a period in 1940 when the British Empire stood alone against Nazi Germany and the Axis Powers in Europe.

During that period, the United Kingdom was under threat of invasion and bombardment with over 1,500 civilians dying in London alone in a single night from Lufwaffe bombing raids.

Also onboard are John Hurt as the previous PM Neville Chamberlain; Lily James as Churchill’s personal secretary, Ben Mendelsohn as King George VI, and Kristin Scott Thomas as Churchill’s wife, Clementine.

Anthony McCarten (“The Theory of Everything”) penned and will produce the film alongside Lisa Bruce, Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner. Shooting will begin this Fall.

Source: Variety