Focus Scores Goyer’s Suicide “Forest” Film

Focus Features has picked up the North American distribution rights to Lava Bear Films’ supernatural thriller “The Forest” and have announced a January 8th 2016 release.

“Man of Steel” scribe David S. Goyer came up with the original idea and draft for the film which Sarah Cornwell has since scripted. Commercial and music video director Jason Zada is attached to helm.

The story is set in the legendary Aokigahara forest, a real-life place in Japan where people commit suicide, and follows a young American woman who comes to Japan in search of her twin sister who has mysteriously disappeared.

Despite everyone’s warnings not to ‘stray from the path,’ she dares to enter the forest to discover the truth about her sister’s fate, only to be confronted by the tormented souls of the dead who prey on any who cross their path.

It’s the same setting as Gus Van Sant’s upcoming “Sea of Trees,” but that film is an arthouse and very human drama in a real world context as opposed to Goyer’s much more “Grudge”-like spook story.

Goyer, David Linde and Nellie Reed will produce.

Source: Heat Vision