Flynn Liked To Go In Early? Sensational

Seems the naughty habits of the cinematic world’s most famous Tasmanian did not play too well overseas.

Richard Glatzer (“Grief”) and Wash Westmoreland (“Quinceanera”) have made a deal with HBO Films to write and direct “Sensational” – a drama about the scandalous affair Errol Flynn had with a 15-year-old girl reports Variety.

The story follows Flynn’s dalliance with Beverly Aadland, a girl who was being pushed into a movie career by her mother, a wannabe actress whose aspirations were cut short after an accident.

After Flynn collapsed and died at a party, the affair became a tabloid staple, and the girl’s mother found herself on trial for child abuse.

The pair will also direct, write and produce a series inspired by the film “Quinceanera” which deals with coming of age and culture clash themes around L.A.’s Echo Park.