Flo, “Exodus,” “Pivot,” “Curse” Score Directors

Bathing Flo
Actress Ellen Burstyn has signed on to make her feature directorial debut on the character drama “Bathing Flo” inspired by the life of Thruline manager-producer Danny Sherman.

The New York-set story centers on a man in need of a place to live, who’s given the chance to house-sit in exchange for free rent. He discovers the house is occupied by the man’s elderly mother Flo, who is part of the deal. [Source: Deadline]

Exodus 47
Chris Columbus is set to produce and possibly direct the Holocaust refugee story “Exodus 47” for Crystal City Entertainment, 1492 Pictures and Ocean Blue Entertainment. Mark Friedman penned the script, based on the autobiography of a Baptist minister who was on a worn-down steamer on its mission to deliver Holocaust survivors to freedom in 1947.

The ship picked up 4,500 refugees from the French port of Sete but was turned back near Palestine. The plight of the refugees, who were taken to interment camps in Cyprus, played a key role in the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. [Source: Variety]

Canadian filmmaker Ed Gass-Donnelly (“The Last Exorcism Part II”) is set to write and direct the indie sci-fi thriller “Pivot” for Lotus Entertainment. Lotus’ Jim Seibel and Bill Johnson will produce.

The story follows a scientist who invents a device to travel, or pivot, between parallel universes when his wife is killed. In order to be with her, he’ll have to kill the parallel version of himself. [Source: THR]

Curse the Darkness
Mexican helmer Jorge Michel Grau is set to direct the anthropological zombie film “Curse the Darkness” for Zodiac Features and SpectreVision. Brandon Maurice Williams penned the script and filming begins in October in Louisiana.

The story is set against the backdrop of the Louisiana sugarcane fields and the systematic exploitation of labor and undocumented workers by large corporations. Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah, and Josh C. Waller will produce. [Source: Deadline]