Fletch Reboot Lives, “Crow” Reboot Dies

The long in the works reboot of the Chevy Chase-led 1980s comedy film series “Fletch” may have gotten a new lease on life thanks to the bankruptcy of Relativity Studios.

The project was originally setup at Miramax, moved to Warner Bros. Pictures, and at least half of it ended up at Relativity. With the company having filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, they are seeking ways to keep themselves active during this period with their rights to the “Fletch” franchise being one of their more valuable assets.

THR reports that the fate of the property is unclear at this point. Their current deal requires a film to start pre-production by the end of the year and insiders for the studio insist it is staying with them.

However, the trade has also heard from two sources saying that when Relativity released the rights to the Natalie Portman western “Jane Got a Gun,” the rights to “Fletch” were reportedly returned to the Boies/Schiller Film Group which is producing both projects. They add that “Fletch is moving forward with its development without Relativity.”

Meanwhile the fate of “The Crow” reboot looks grim. The trade reports that pre-production on the film in the U.K. has stalled with an entire production team departing this week along with several heads of departments. For now Relativity is only saying they still hope to go into production this Fall, but a statement of some kind is expected soon.