“Flashpoint” Depends On “League” Performance?

Its been a rocky road for the DCEU, and next month’s “Justice League” is being seen as a watershed moment. Can the troubled and costly production overcome its issues and keep the momentum that came with “Wonder Woman” going?

There’s certainly been a lessening of the emphasis on a joint DC cinematic universe recently, and its likely the performance of “Justice League” will determine whether Warners will pursue more standalones or try again with another team-up project down the line. Warners is now taking its time with these movies, which can only be a good thing.

In a Meet the Movie Press episode (via Batman News) this week, Variety reporter Justin Kroll indicated that Warners is currently waiting to see how “Justice League” performs both critically and financially before moving ahead with plans for multiple superhero movies a year. Specifically its indicated that the fate of “Flashpoint,” the standalone movie focused on Ezra Miller’s The Flash, will depend upon that “Justice League” performance.

Despite its Flash-centric focus, “Flashpoint” is said to be like a “Justice League 1.5,” bringing together multiple heroes. For now “Aquaman” late next year, “Shazam” in early 2019 and “Wonder Woman 2” in late 2019 are the only DCEU films that have been set for release, though “The Batman,” “Batgirl” and a “Suicide Squad” sequel amongst others are all in early development.

In related news, Zack Snyder has released some new behind-the-scenes photos from “Justice League” which you can see below, along with a new TV promo which sees Cyborg saying his signature catchphrase. “Justice League” opens November 17th.