Flash To Tackle Flashpoint, Sets Netflix Deal

Flashpoint is coming to The CW’s “The Flash”.

Specifically that is confirmed to be the title of the third season premiere of the series following in the wake of the Season 2 finale in which Barry Allen ran back in time to save his mother from being killed – and succeeded. As a result of this, fans have been assuming the famed “Flashpoint” storyline from the comics is being adapted, and now that seems to be the case which means things will look very different next season.

Actor Grant Gustin announced the third season premiere title on Twitter, then added: “FLASHPOINT. This is not drill. We’re definitely doing this FP thing our own way. I’ve read Flashpoint, I’ve seen the amazing animated film. This will be its own thing.”

Meanwhile it has been confirmed that the show, along with The CW’s other DC series, are being fast tracked to Netflix in the wake of a new pact with the streaming giant which has in the past provided the network with a good chunk of its revenue.

The new deal is said to be similar to the current one, but will shrink the window of the series becoming available on the streaming platform, cutting it from a couple of months to a couple of weeks after a season ends on The CW. Meanwhile, The CW is retaining in-season rights to all of its series.

Source: THR