Flash Gets A Gay Villain & Arrow Fight

Along with the likes of Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Firestorm (Dominic Purcell), another villain set to appear midseason in the upcoming “The Flash” series is one of DC Comics’ first openly gay characters – The Pied Piper.

According to TV Line the version here is named Hartley, a protege of Dr. Wells who lost his hearing in an accident. He now sets out to wreak havoc with an invention of his own under the guise of The Pied Piper.

Meanwhle the “Arrow” and “The Flash” crossover episodes are filming right now with set photos galore going up, specifically at Just Jared and Arrow-TV.ru which would indicate the characters have a fight scene in the episodes. Click the photo below to head to Arrow-TV.ru for the full gallery: