Flash Actresses Reprises Role In “The Flash”

Amanda Pays has joined the cast of The CW’s “The Flash” in an unusual capacity.

Pays played the lead female role of the brilliant geneticist Dr. Tina McGee in the original 1990s “The Flash” TV series, the S.T.A.R. Labs tech who helps Barry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) in his quest.

Here, she’s actually playing the same role again. This time though, the McGee character is working for a rival tech firm which has taken an interest in Allen’s speedy abilities. She joins her fellow former cast mate Shipp who plays the father of the new Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in the new take.

Exec producer Andrew Kreisberg says: “When we decided to bring Tina onto our version of ‘The Flash,’ who better to get than the amazing actress who originated the part? Like with John Wesley Shipp, we are so proud and excited to have another actor from the original series join us on our new adventures for Barry Allen.”

Source: Variety