Flash Actor Talks Zack Snyder’s Casting

One big point of differentiation between the Marvel and DC screen adaptations is that DC has opted to treat its film and TV properties separately. That means that the DCEU, which so far consists of Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” in terms of released films, is not connected to the DC TV series be it the standalone “Gotham” or the inter-linked “Arrow,” “Flash,” “Supergirl” and “Legends of Tomorrow”.

The most visible point of difference is obviously The Flash. TV has actor Grant Gustin in the role and is both a commercial and critical hit for the CW network. The films have Ezra Miller in the part, but so far all we’ve seen of him is two brief appearances in ‘Dawn’. There was, at one time, a push to get Gustin to play the big screen version of The Flash. Snyder himself however has gone on the record about his desire to keep the film universe separate from other adaptations.

Those on the TV side have been pretty critical of that decision in the past, such as “Arrow” actor Stephen Amell. Now Tom Cavanagh, who plays Dr. Harrison Wells on TV’s “The Flash,” has gone further when asked about Snyder’s comments. He gave a long but interesting comment to ComicBook.com in which he stands fully behind his co-star:

“It was either Variety or Vanity Fair that wrote an article that said [DC] needs to watch what they’re doing on TV, because the TV’s working and some of the other darker stuff isn’t working.

Here’s what I’ll say about him [Gustin] not being The Flash. The first thing is that for Zack Snyder to say ‘that’s not really the universe that we’re building,’ it’s excruciating for an actor. Because you’re like, ‘Uh, what about acting?’ He’s a clean-cut guy and winning, yes, because he’s acting that. He’s not Barry Allen. He’s Grant Gustin. He created that thing.

If you want [your Flash] to have long hair and be a slacker, believe me, Grant can play that. He makes it look easy and makes everyone think that’s what he is because he’s an incredibly skilled talent. That’s why he has that job. That’s why people like the show. If Zack Snyder were to read him for [The Flash], he would be shocked.

It’s crazy for a big-time Hollywood director to say ‘that’s not the universe.’ It’s a huge misstep on his part. If you’re a director, and you’re worth your oats, then you should be able to, given an actor with talent, mold him into what you want, and Grant could do that.”

Cavanagh doesn’t have it out for the big screen DC Comics adaptations though, and also sees the advantage in Gustin not doing the films:

“The second thing is that the movies are tremendous. They’re building all of us up. The difficult thing for the movies is that we’ve had two years in the case of The Flash to win you over and tell a story. They have two hours. That’s not easy to do. So that’s why you see so many missteps. It’s very hard to get that right.

And I said to Grant when this was announced: ‘Look, that’s years from now. Do you just want to just be The Flash? You have the ability to be in a Spielberg war movie next.’ And that will happen for him. For his first big movie role to be The Flash, I don’t know if that’s the best thing for him. because you’re asking him to do the same thing he’s had years to do, to do the exact same thing in two hours, and it’s in different hands creatively. It’s tricky.”

TV’s “The Flash” wraps its second season next week and photos from it are up at the same site, while the promo for the finale is out below: