Flanagan’s “Before I Wake” Scores A Release

Following strong reviews for “Hush” last year and raves for the Stephen King adaptation “Gerald’s Game” this year, filmmaker Mike Flanagan is getting another film released on streaming giant Netflix – albeit an old and previously unreleased one.

“Before I Wake,” which released its first trailer way back in 2015, is now finally seeing the light of day with a January 5th 2018 release being set by Netflix star in the story of a married couple who decide to take in an 8-year-old boy (Jacob Tremblay) whose dreams and nightmares manifest in reality, including visions of their dead son.

Flanagan filmed the paranormal thriller after “Oculus” and scored some solid test screening scores (better than “Oculus” which nabbed strong reviews). Unfortunately, the film became caught up in Relativity‚Äôs bankruptcy issues and so has been stuck on a shelf for years until Netflix has come in and saved the day.

Source: Netflix