Flanagan Keen To Adapt King’s “Shining” Sequel

Coming off raves for his adaptation of “Gerald’s Game” for Netflix, filmmaker Mike Flanagan has two other Stephen King projects he says he’d love to tackle – King’s 2013 “The Shining” semi-sequel novel “Doctor Sleep,” and his 2006 novel “Lisey’s Story”.

Flanagan revealed the list of adaptations he’d be most interested in doing whilst speaking with the King-centric site Lilja’s Library, saying: “[T]he ones I’d want to do the most are Doctor Sleep and Lisey’s Story. In both cases, it’s because I identify with the protagonists so much. Lisey’s Story is a stunning piece of work, a beautiful exploration of marriage. And who wouldn’t want to venture back into the world of Danny Torrance?”

“Doctor Sleep” follows a now adult Danny Torrance, the boy who survived the Overlook Hotel, who became an angry alcoholic drifter. Opting to settle down and ditch the bottle, his suppressed psychic powers re-emerge to provide comfort to dying patients. He’s soon contacted by a young girl with a stronger ‘shining’ than him and who is being hunted by a cult of quasi-immortals keen kidnap and feed off her psychic energy.

“Lisey’s Story” follows a woman named Lisey who lost her novelist husband Scott after a twenty-five-year marriage of profound and sometimes frightening intimacy. Scott would visit Boo’ya Moon,’ a place that both terrified and healed him. Two years after Scott’s death, she goes there and ends up in a nearly fatal journey into the darkness he inhabited.

Flanagan is presently at work on Netflix’s event series adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s classic haunted house novel “The Haunting of Hill House”.