Fixed Point Plans Historical Lynching Film

Fixed Point Films is developing a film about the 1906 lynching of Ed Johnson in Tennessee and the legal battle that followed. They will use on Mark Curriden and Leroy Phillips’s book “Contempt of Court” as the basis for the film with Jonah M. Hirsch set to produce.

Johnson was murdered after being sentenced to death for the alleged rape of a white woman. Johnson’s court-appointed attorneys decided not to appeal the ruling but two local black attorneys took up the case and went to the Supreme Court to argue that Johnson’s constitutional rights had been violated.

When granted a stay of execution, a mob broke into the jail where Johnson was held and lynched him, leaving a note telling the judge who granted the stay to “Come get your n—- now”. The local sheriff and several others were convicted of contempt of court – the only criminal trial ever held by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Source: Variety