Five New Characters Join “Supergirl” S2

With “Supergirl” having moved from CBS to The CW for its second season, changes are on the way. First came word that Superman will finally make a proper appearance during the first two episodes of the season (and likely more down the line).

Now it’s been revealed that five other new key characters are getting involved next year according to TV Line, and casting is currently underway for all of them. The characters set to be included are:

Lena Luthor, Lex’s sister, who will be a new series regular. Coming to National City to escape her brother’s domineering shadow, she’s determined to get whatever she wants.

Snapper Carr, a recurring character who is veteran journalist who is hired by Cat Grant to remake her news division old-school style. With Calista Flockhart said to not be appearing as often next season due to production now happening in Vancouver, it’s suggested this character will serve as something of a replacement.

Maggie, a recurring ‘out and proud detective’ for the new Science Police whic deals with crimes connected to metahuman and alien threats. Likely based on the character Maggie Sawyer from the comics.

New series regular Nick Farrow is a brash leading man and the son of a former reporter who is looking to make a name for himself.

Finally there’s the recurring ‘The Doctor’, the “diabolical female leader” of Project Cadmus who has been surgically implanting her prisoners with alien technology and is likely based on the comics character Serling Roquette.

“Supergirl” returns Mondays this Fall on The CW.