Five New Book-To-Series Projects Planned

Five New Book To Series Projects Planned

A bunch of new series have been announced as being in development starting with “City of Ghosts,” a drama series adaptation of Victoria Schwab’s novel for The CW. That follows college grad Cassidy who moves to Scotland to study paranormal psychology and meets an enigmatic man who helps her discover her gifts. Karen Wyscarver and Sanford Golden serve as writers and executive producers.

The CW is also developing a dramedy adaptation of the graphic novel “Super Clean” from “GLOW” co-executive producer Sascha Rothchild. That follows an uber-organized and brilliant young woman and her ragtag team of non-powered cohorts navigate the danger and drama of ‘cleaning up’ after superheroes and villains.

Next, Lionsgate and actor/rapper Common have acquired the rights to Zora Neale Hurston’s “Barracoon” novel with plans to develop as a limited television event series. The story centers on 86-year-old Cudjo Lewis, the last known survivor of the Middle Passage who was brought to America in 1927.

Also, The BBC is developing a drama series adaptation of David Burke’s cold war novel “The Spy Who Came In From The Co-Op”. Julie Gearey is adapting the script about one-time British Spy Melita Norwood, who was revealed to have been working with the USSR for decades back in 1999. By then she was 87 and too old to prosecute.

Finally, Caryn Mandabach Productions has secured TV rights to prize-winning author Jonathan Lee’s best-selling novel “High Dive” which offers a re-imagining of the 1980s IRA bombing attack on Brighton’s Grand Hotel, an attempt to assassinate then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and key members of her government. Eric Roth is supervising the four-part series which will be written by Lee.

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