Five More Enter “The Big Valley”

Travis Fimmel, Lorraine Nicholson, Lee Majors, Jason Alan Smith and Bruce Dern have joined the indie drama “The Big Valley” reports Variety

The project is a film version of the classic Barbara Stanwyck-led 1960s ABC series. Jessica Lange will take on Stanwyck’s role of Victoria Barkley, the widowed matriarch of a wealthy family of ranchers in 19th century California.

Majors, who played Heath Barkley in the series, plays the dead patriarch Tom Barkley in the film. Nicholson will play the role of sole daughter Audra, Dern portrays Judge Adams.

Stephen Moyer also stars as the eldest son Jarrod. Smith and Fimmel will likely portray the hot-tempered middle son Nick and the illegitimate youngest son Heath respectively.

Daniel Adams wrote the screenplay and will both direct and produce alongside Straw Weisman and Steven J. Brandman.

Shooting kicks off July 26th in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.