Fishman Butt Design In “Shape” Took Years

Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro has been an obvious fan of elaborate, imaginative creature design in his movies ever since “Cronos”. From giant cockroaches to Hellboy to the stunning creations of “Pan’s Labyrinth,” he’s a modern master of monsters.

His new film “The Shape of Water” has been dubbed a romantic fairytale take on “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” and so to sell its central idea of an inter-species love affair, he needed to make his fish man at least vaguely attractive. How does one make an amphibious fish man into a ladykiller? You give him a nice ass.

In an interview for the official art book for the film (via io9, sculptor Mike Hill described how del Toro spent ages agonising over the design with everyone from his family weighing in:

“Every female in the del Toro household was crucial. Too much derriere, not enough derriere, the shoulders are not beautiful enough.’ The butt we show abundantly in the movie. it was a very delicate sculpture process because it always had to be run by my household. All in all, this was the longest gestation period for a creature design – three years counting from 2013 to 2016!”

Of course the film shows more than just butt, and you’ll have to see it to find out. “The Shape of Water” is now in cinemas.