Firth, Winslet Up For Yacht Scandal Drama

Colin Firth and Kate Winslet are in early discussions to star in Blueprint Pictures’ true story drama about infamous British businessman and yacht-racing cheat Donald Crowhurst.

Scott Burns (“Contagion”) penned the script which follows how Crowhurst (Firth) duped his family, race organisers and the public into believing that he had spent eight months circumnavigating the globe in a prestigious, single-handed, round-the-world yacht race.

The least qualified of nine competitors in the race, he quickly fell behind the others and so secretly abandoned the race, He then set out on a plan to deceive the world by falsifying his locations on the ship-to-shore messages sent from his radio.

As the race drew to a close and he became increasingly aware his logs would be examined by experienced sailors and his lies exposed. Gorwing increasingly unstable and irrational, he ceased radio transmissions. Nearly two weeks later, his ship was found adrift and abandoned, it’s assumed he jumped overboard and drowned.

Winslet would play his long suffering wife and mother of four Clare. If the film does go ahead, it will shot late next year or early 2015.

Source: The Daily Mail