First “X-Men: Apocalypse” Reviews Are In

With the ‘Global Fan Screening’ for Bryan Singer’s “X-Men: Apocalypse” having taken place today, the first reviews have started coming out and the reaction is surprisingly very divided.

Various trades and papers have published their reviews which have been underwhelming, citing complaints of the film being overstuffed and monotonous with only a few highlights including the Quicksilver sequence once again. Here’s just a sampling of tweet reactions from various film writers of note along with some trade review quotes.


“Both Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse are superhero extravaganzas with severe traffic control problems, but while the former keeps things flowing reasonably smoothly, the new film, set to arrive in theaters just weeks later, resembles a bumper-car nightmare…” – Todd McCarthy, THR

“If you’ve seen one cinematic apocalypse, you’ve seen them all. At least that’s the feeling conjured by “X-Men: Apocalypse,” the latest entry in one of the more reliable comic-book franchises around, this time disappointingly succumbing to an exhausting case of been-there-done-that-itis…” – Geoff Berkshire, Variety

“‘Apocalypse’ for all its faults, has the audacity to make the MCU look small, and the conviction to make the DCU – if there even is such a thing – look foolish for confusing self-seriousness with gravity…” – David Ehrlich, Indiewire

“There was always this sense that there might be a ceiling to how good an X-Men movie Bryan Singer could make. With Apocalypse, those fears have borne fruit, and we see a franchise that has grown stagnant all at once…” – Neil Miller, Film School Rejects

“In the end, shifting the focus to the younger characters works well. Unlike some of the cheesier remnants of the ’80s, we’ll probably want to see more of these new X-Men…” – Ed Douglas, NY Daily News

“After Days Of Future Past, you’ll be left feeling a little underwhelmed by Apocalypse, as there’s only so many times that you can watch the world being brought to the edge of obliteration. X-Men: Apocalypse still works and entertains, but not quite as emphatically as it predecessors, and it’s proof that bigger and louder is not all always better…” – Gregory Wakeman, CinemaBlend

“As a conclusion to a trilogy, Apocalypse falls somewhat short. It marginalises key relationships in favour of establishing new ones, and lacks the depth and distinctive historical flavour of its immediate predecessors. But taken as the next chapter in the series, Apocalypse is an undeniably fun and entertaining adventure and does a pretty good job of establishing Xavier’s next class…” – Daniel Krupa, IGN

“There’s something to be said for exciting superhero popcorn movies, but as the competition becomes more and more sophisticated, visceral, and character-driven, it gets tougher to make a case for films that don’t meet those standards. This is especially evident with X-Men: Apocalypse, not because it’s one big disappointment all the way through, but rather because it starts off so strong and then devolves into total nonsense…” – Peri Nemiroff, Collider

“The grand X-Men soap opera has often created compelling allegories to help comic readers and film audiences make sense of their own sense of alienation and separation, whatever the underlying reasons might be. However, ‘Apocalypse’ feels like a cog in Fox’s perpetual-motion blockbuster machine, paying lip service to the story’s allegorical potential as it grinds our interest to dust….” – Russ Fischer, The Playlist

“I can imagine Bryan Singer making an X-Men movie every few years for the rest of his life. Sometimes he’ll get it right. Sometimes it won’t quite work. But it’s clear that he is all-in at this point, and there’s always something to like about one of these films. If familiarity is a problem for you, then you’ll definitely have your issues with the film, but as franchise management goes, this is largely effective spectacle…” – Drew McWeeny, HitFix

“At this point the X-MEN movies have really settled into a predictable rhythm; while you could of course say the same for some other big franchises, these particular movies just don’t inspire a lot of excitement in me. That said, if you really enjoyed the last two films, you’ll likely find plenty to appreciate in APOCALYPSE, even though its villain is a drag and the heroes are going through the motions once again. I’m giving it a 6, but you may well bump the grade up higher if you’re an X-Men fanatic…” – Eric Walkuski, JoBlo


“Remember folks, the best thing about #XMenApocalypse is/was always going to be: new bromance action between Fassbender, McAvoy & Oscar Isaac…” – , Kara Warner

“I’m surprised that I was really into the X-Men characters. More of a performance thing, I think. Truth bomb: dug it more than Civil War…” – Mister Patches

“1. X2, 2. Days of Future Past, 3. First Class, 4. The Last Stand, 5. Apocalypse, 6. Deadpool, 7. The Wolverine, 8. X-Men, 9. Origins: Wolverine…” – Kris Tapley

“Yes, it’s sad but true. X-Men: Apocalypse is not good at all. A real disappointment and not even on a par with X-Men: The Last Stand…” – James Dyer

“I’ll say this, Bryan Singer is a lot better at shooting action sequences than the Russo Bros…” – FilmDrunk