First Two Clips From “Star Trek: Discovery”

Overcoming behind-the-scenes struggles, delays, innuendo and rumor, CBS All Access & Netflix’s “Star Trek: Discovery” series finally arrives on screens in two weeks and the first two proper clips from the premiere have arrived.

The first is set on a desert planet and sees Michelle Yeoh’s Captain Philippa Georgiou addressing Lt. Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) about their work together, along with their arrival of Georgiou’s ship the U.S.S. Shenzhou.

The second sees Burnham in an EVA suit exploring the outer hull of vessel, only to be confronted by an armored Klingon. This clip certainly has more of a “Mass Effect” vibe to it than it does either a “Star Trek” or Abrams-era “Star Trek”.

In the series her character is said to be the only human to have gone to the Vulcan Learning Centre and the Vulcan Science Academy. “Star Trek: Discovery” premieres on Sunday, September 24th.

Source: CBS