First Two “Clash of the Titans” Photos

Warner Bros. Pictures has released high-res versions of the first two photos from “Clash of the Titans”, Louis Leterrier’s remake of the classic 1981 sword & sandal fantasy adventure.

The two shots show rising Aussie hunk Sam Worthington (“Terminator Salvation,” “Avatar,” “Somersault,” “Dirty Deeds”) in full garb as Perseus.

The scene itself, with the Greek columns, fire and blurred stone statue in the foreground, definitely seems to echo the original’s most famous sequence – the confrontation with the Gorgon Medusa who can turn anyone to stone if they look at her.

The production design is notably different – the armor far more evokes “Gladiator” than Harry Hamlin’s original red toga and selected leather coverage, while the battle worn sword and shield are a far cry from the beautifully cut sword and shield gifted to Perseus by Aphrodite (Ursula Andress) and Hera (Claire Bloom) respectively.