First Trailer: “Star Trek Beyond”

The first trailer for Justin Lin’s “Star Trek Beyond” has arrived and shows a film quite different in tone than you might expect.

Eschewing both the darkness of the previous film and the noble exploration themes of the post-TOS franchise, the preview seems to go for a wacky fun adventure style more akin to the original 1960s series than the films or spin-offs be they pre or post-reboot.

Starting off with what looks like the Enterprise’s destruction due to some kind of swarm, the crew looks to have been left to survive on a rocky forested planet where they tangle with aliens that vary in looks between the Galaxy Quest baddies and the Wraith from “Stargate: Atlantis”.

There’s also diesel motorbike stunts, that Beastie Boys song again from the 2009 film, and what seems to be Idris Elba and Sofia Boutella in make-up so elaborate as to render them unrecognisable. The film itself opens July 22nd 2016.