First Trailer: “Spectre” (007)

The first teaser trailer has arrived for “Spectre,” the upcoming twenty fourth film in the Bond series. A true teaser, the movie makes no qualms about it that it is very much a sequel to not just “Skyfall” but the other two Daniel Craig James Bond film. A now haggard Mr. White gets a lot of screen time here, but there’s not a lot of action on display – mostly because they’re still in the midst of filming the damn thing which means that we’ve got this much is surprising.

Perhaps the biggest surprise though is that two of the twists that were spoiled by the Sony email leak – one that was widely guessed to the point of being canon anyhow and one that has barely been talked about – are front and center in this. Since the leaks a good portion of the script has been reportedly re-written which means what they’ve got up their sleeve must be even more exciting. The film opens late October around the world and November 6th in the United States.