First Trailer: Natalie Portman In “Vox Lux”

First Trailer Natalie Portman In Vox Lux

In 2004 young actor Brady Corbet suddenly arrived on the scene, taking the lead role in the CG-heavy live-action family film “Thunderbirds” along with more acclaimed turns in arthouse darlings “Mysterious Skin” and “Thirteen”.

Since then Corbet has shown an aptitude for picking critically well-regarded fare including “Martha Marcy May Marlene,” “Melancholia,” “Clouds of Sils Maria,” “Force Majeure,” and “Eden”. Hell, the guy even managed to make time for a small role on FOX’s “24” too.

He’s been thinking bigger though. Having served as a writer on two films and editor on two more, he took his first shot at becoming a writer/director with 2016’s fascinating birth of fascism feature “The Childhood of a Leader”. It wasn’t always successful, but it was interesting and made with a surprising amount of aptitude.

Now he’s back with his second film, “Vox Lux,” which premieres next week at the Venice Film Festival. Today the film’s first trailer has gone online and showcases the back of Natalie Portman’s head.

Portman stars as a pop star named Celeste and the film follows her rise to superstardom from her first successes in 1999 through to the present day. Jude Law, Stacy Martin, Jennifer Ehle, and Raffey Cassidy also star in the film which boasts original songs composed by singer-songwriter Sia.