First Trailer: “God’s Own Country”

Scoring rave reviews at film festivals like Sundance, Berlin, and this past week in Sydney, filmmaker Francis Lee makes a stunning debut with the indie feature “God’s Own Country”.

The story follows a contemporary romance between a young local man (Josh O’Connor), under pressure to help his ailing parents, and the new Romanian farm hand (Alec Secareanu) they’ve hired to help out.

Though some have dubbed it a ‘Northern England Brokeback Mountain,’ the comparison isn’t apt as ‘Brokeback’ was about a gay relationship in a time when society couldn’t accept it and had more of a mythical tone to it.

Here, there’s no issue of hidden sexuality – rather it’s one of the central character’s inability to emotionally open up and be intimate with someone else. There’s also more of a docudrama feel to the proceedings.

The film opens in the UK on September 1st.

Source: Empire Online