First Trailer For FXX’s “Archer: Danger Island”

FXX has just released the trailer for ‘Danger Island’, the ninth season of its darkly comic animated series “Archer” and the third to take on a ‘theme’ setting following the fifth’s ‘Vice’ and the eight’s ‘Dreamland’.

Here the setting is inspired by 1930s pulp adventures – cue plenty of callbacks to Indiana Jones, Tarzan and other works of early 20th century colonialism fiction from Haggard to Conrad.

The story which has Archer as an eyepatch-wearing alcoholic seaplane pilot drinking, screwing, gambling, and bumbling around French Polynesia 1939 with a smart-ass parrot talking named Crackers (Krieger).

Lana is a princess, Malory is a bar owner, Pam is Archer’s co-pilot, Cheryl is an heiress and Cyril is an undercover German spy. Cue quicksand, cannibals, super-intelligent monkeys, and a volcano.

“Archer: Danger Island” premieres April 25th.