First Trailer For “Damien” TV Series

A&E have debuted the first trailer for “Damien,” the new TV series follow-up to the original 1976 “The Omen” with former “Merlin” star Bradley James taking on the role of the Antichrist-to-be Damien Thorne. In the new take, he’s now a thirty-year-old war photographer who has forgotten everything about his past.

Glen Mazzara (“The Walking Dead,” “The Shield”) produces the series which he calls “grounded” and realistic. There’ll be some special effects dealing with Damien’s powers, but for the most part they’re subtle.

Speaking at Comic Con earlier today, James says this version’s Damien is aware that “there are strange things going on, and his life is not what other people’s lives seem to be.” The first season will essentially deal with his struggle between his regular-guy humanity and the destiny that Lucifer planned for him after he learns the truth.

One of the factors will be his lifelong guardian Ann (Barbara Hershey). Speaking about her character, Hershey says: “She’s been in the shadows, guiding the situation and protecting him from all of these elements that want to destroy him, or absorb him. There are a lot of forces at play.”