First Trailer: “Fantastic Four”

After many months under wraps with not a peep of publicity material in sight, 20th Century Fox has finally unveiled the first official trailer for its reboot of the “Fantastic Four” franchise. Despite reports of a ‘found footage’ look, the visuals don’t seem to convey that – instead it’s a more conventional looking studio picture.

It is, however, quite different from the previous films – especially in tone. There’s a very serious, almost mournful quality to the trailer (the music is almost akin to the BBC’s “Broadchurch”) with only a few visual effects shots sneaking into the final 20-30 seconds of the clip.

In fact, most regular audiences probably won’t be able to figure out what the film is advertising until the title card. Check it out for yourself below, and have your say in the comments. The film opens on August 7th.