First Trailer: Antoine Fuqua’s “Ice” Series

AT&T’s Audience network has released the first trailer for the ten-episode series “Ice” from Antoine Fuqua’s Fuqua Films and Entertainment One. Robert Munic will executive produce the film about a family caught in the underbelly of the L.A. diamond trade.

Jake (Cam Gigandet) and Freddy (Jeremy Sisto) are half-brothers brought together by their father Isaac (Raymond J. Barry), the patriarch behind G&G Diamonds and their uncle Cam (Ray Winstone). After wildcard Freddy kills a prominent diamond dealer, his brother Jake must bail him out and save the family business from a crime lord (Judith Shekoni).

Jake must endure all of this while maneuvering amongst jewelry thugs, blood diamond deals, false certificates, the Feds, and Pieter Van De Bruin (Donald Sutherland), a ruthless Afrikaner diamond merchant who now heads up an Antwerp-based diamond cartel. The series premieres Wednesday November 16th on DirecTV and AT&T U-verse.