First Trailer: Affleck, Mara In “A Ghost Story”

At Sundance this year there were several films that got buzz, but it ultimately came down to two titles.

The most widely appreciated was Luca Guadagnino’s 1980s Italian summer gay romance film “Call Me By Your Name” with Armie Hammer, but its nearest rival which proved a little more divisive was David Lowery’s “A Ghost Story”.

A24 picked up the film which stars Casey Affleck as a man who dies in a car accident and comes back as a ghost. This ghost, represented by a sheet with two eye-holes, proceeds to stay tethered to the home where he lived with his wife (Rooney Mara).

The film is said to be trippy, bizarre and risky – including a now infamous scene of Rooney Mara eating a whole pie in real time. For those who like to take risks, “A Ghost Story” is set to open July 7th.