First Trailer: Abe Forsythe’s “Down Under”

Set to have its debut at the upcoming Sydney Film Festival, the official trailer has been released for the controversial Australian dark comedy “Down Under”. Actor turned filmmaker Abe Forsythe aims to provoke reaction with the film which is set during the aftermath of the CroMovie Trailersa riots ten years ago in Sydney. The riots themselves involved a group of xenophobic angry white men tried to ‘take back’ the beach suburb from young Middle Eastern men and became one of the darkest days in modern Aussie history.

Damon Herriman (“Justified”) and Lincoln Younes (“Home and Away”) lead the cast of the film which follows two groups on either side of the fight. Forsythe tells Junkee: “All my favourite comedies are tragedies and what happened to our national identity on the day of the CroMovie Trailersa riots was a tragedy. I can’t wait for people to follow the characters and the world my cast and crew have helped me build. It’s not that different from the world we currently live.”