First “Suburbicon” & “The Papers” Photos

Two of the most anticipated adult drama films of the Fall, George Clooney’s “Suburbicon” and Steven Spielberg’s “The Papers,” both still have big question marks hanging over them regarding what we can expect.

Today both films have scored first look photos, which also mark the first glimpse of any kind of materials from them beyond basic cast & crew lists and synopses. “Suburbicon” gets two official stills, while “The Papers” has an on-set photo.

“Suburbicon,” which will hold a screening at Toronto in September, is a crime comedy caper film that Clooney directs from a script that the Coen brothers first wrote thirty years ago. Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, Josh Brolin, and Oscar Isaac lead the film which opens October 27th.

“The Papers” deals with the United States’ first female newspaper publisher of The Washington Post, Kay Graham (Meryl Streep) and its hard-driving editor, Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks) who took part in unprecedented battle between journalist and government to publish the Pentagon Papers. That film opens December 22nd.