First Six Minutes Of Knight

A special preview screening has been shown of the six minute bank robbery opening sequence of “The Dark Knight” that will be screened in front of IMAX showings of next week’s “I Am Legend” and UGO.Com has posted up a transcript. Here’s just a sample (SPOILERS AHEAD):

“Fichtner’s bank manager then mutters something about there once being honor in the underworld of Gotham and this gets the clown’s attention. The clown shoves a grenade in Fichtner’s mouth with a string attached to the pin. The clown takes off his mask and we get an 80-foot IMAX Heath Ledger Joker face telling us “whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stranger.” It’s chill inducing. People are going to lose their minds.

The Joker jumps into the school bus, closes the back door on the string, and drives off. The pin on the grenade is pulled as the bus pulls away. Instead of an explosion, pink gas is released. The school bus pulls into the street and joins a convoy of school buses loaded with children. The Joker escapes into Gotham City.”

Click Here for the full transcript.