First Says Coens Gambit Stalled

Colin Firth tells MTV News that Joel and Ethan Coen’s heist movie remake “Gambit” has stalled and no plans have been set for the near future.

Firth has been attached for a while according to an online listing, but the actor denies any such involvement – “No! It’s a complete lie. It’s been on IMDB and just sitting there”.

He has read the script which he calls “absolutely brilliant” but says that the film is stalling because the Coens themselves don’t want to direct it.

“[‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ director] PJ Hogan came on and Ben Kingsley was attached to it. Then it was Sandra Bullock attached and then Jennifer Aniston. They won’t direct it. It had a producer attached to it and no director.”

The original film starred Michael Caine and Shirley McLaine in the story of two criminals out to steal a priceless antiquity.