First Promo: “The Orville” Season 2

First Promo The Orville Season 2

A year on from its first season run, FOX has dropped the first trailer for the upcoming second season of its sci-fi dramedy series “The Orville” which returns on Sunday, December 30th.

While initially starting out as a “Star Trek: The Next Generation” rip-off with sex & fart jokes, Seth MacFarlane’s series found itself midway through its inaugural run as the humor became more character based and took a backseat to a sci-fi adventure tone. As a result, it’s now filling a niche for Trekkers unhappy with the direction that “Star Trek: Discovery” has taken.

“Star Trek” veterans Robert Picardo and Marina Sirtis will guest star during the upcoming season, while Jonathan Frakes himself will direct an episode of the series which will take a Thursday night timeslot following its New Year premiere.