First Promo: The “Heathers” Series Reboot

Paramount Network has released the first teaser trailer for “Heathers,” the upcoming TV series reboot of the cult 1980s high school-set black comedy.

Planned as an anthology series that follows a different cast of characters each season, the first season will follow the premise of the movie as new high school girl Veronica (Grace Victoria Cox) tries to escape a clique of three cool kids all named Heather with the help of her homicidal new boyfriend J.D. (James Scully).

The twist here is the Heathers aren’t white rich super bitches, rather they’re an overweight girl (Melanie Field), a black lesbian (Jasmine Mathews) and a gender-queer male (Brendan Scannell). The tone is expected to remain super dark.

The new “Heathers” premieres early 2018.