First Photos: The “Snowpiercer” TV Series

First Photos The Snowpiercer Tv Series

TBS has released the first photos from the upcoming TV series adaptation of “Snowpiercer” based on both the 2014 Bong Joon-ho film and its original comic source material “Le Transperceneige”.

Like that film, the story is set in an Ice Age with the last of humanity now living onboard a train powered by a perpetual-motion engine. Graeme Manson (“Orphan Black”) created the series in which Daveed Diggs plays Andrew Layton, an ex-detective and resident in the lowest class all the way at the back of the train.

He is soon recruited by the train’s authorities to track down a killer. Jennifer Connelly co-stars as Melanie Cavill, the head of hospitality and the train’s announcer.

James Hawes (“Black Mirror”) helms the series and tells EW the series is not political… kind of: “It is adventure storytelling. But it obviously touches on a lot of themes from the news.”

No premiere date has yet been set.