First Photos: Jude Law In “Black Sea”

The first photos are out of Jude Law in Kevin Macdonald’s treasure hunting thriller “Black Sea” via EW.

Originally slated for an older actor, Law “adopted an Aberdeen accent, put on weight, built up his forearms and shoulders, shaved his head and let his stubble grow out” to nab the part.

In the film he plays a submarine captain who gets laid off by a salvage company. Looking for money and payback, he accepts a gig from a shadowy backer to hunt for a sunken Russian U-boat at the bottom of the Black Sea said to be loaded with gold.

Assembling a crew of Russian and English sailors to help him, the captain quickly begins to realise how dangerous a situation he has put himself in as tensions onboard boil over and both greed and desperation take hold.

Scoot McNairy, Ben Mendelsohn, Jodie Whittaker, Karl Davies, and Daniel Ryan also star. Focus Features opens the film sometime next year.