First Photos From “Red Dwarf XI” Series

It has been four years since the last series of long-running sci-fi comedy “Red Dwarf” went to air, but finally the first of two new series of six episodes each are on the way with the key cast returning to the iconic roles they’ve been playing for almost thirty years now.

The eleventh season of the show kicks off from September 22nd on British channel Dave and today several new stills have been released via fan site No word on when the first trailer will hit.

Storylines for the new episodes include mechanoid Kryten having a mid-life crisis, Lister and Cat becoming trapped together in the depths of an ocean moon, Lister getting his kidneys organ-napped by a deranged droid, Rimmer opening an officer’s club exclusive to only copies of himself, and the gang visiting an alternate America where technology (and therefore Kryten and Rimmer) are illegal.