First Photo: Rock, Statham In “Hobbs and Shaw”

First Photo Rock Statham In Hobbs And Shaw

Dwayne Johnson has used his popular Instagram account to show off a first official photo from “Hobbs and Shaw,” the “Fast and Furious” spin-off featuring Johnson’s US Diplomatic Security Agent Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham’s criminal character Deckard Shaw teaming up.

Filming began a few days ago on the project and Johnson says: “We’re havin’ a blast disrupting the norm to deliver something fresh, cool, fun and bad ass for the fans.” David Leitch (“John Wick,” “Deadpool 2”) helms the film which those involve say will be quite different to the main series and potentially start a film series all its own.

Vanessa Kirby and Idris Elba co-star in the film which opens September 2nd 2019. The photo comes as Vin Diesel posted his own Instagram update this week suggesting another spin-off for the franchise is in the works – that one a likely female-centric one.