First Photo: Anne Hathaway As Catwoman

You thought yesterday’s reveal of Henry Cavill in the Superman outfit caused much debate and flippant complaints, just wait until you see this.

Warner Bros. Pictures has released the first official photo of Anne Hathaway in at least part of her Catwoman garb in Chris Nolan’s upcoming “The Dark Knight Rises”. The shot was found on under the file name ‘selina_kyle.jpg’ which has lead to the question about whether this is the full outfit.

Half hidden by the Batpod, what we can see of the bodysuit seems fine. The great looking goggles of the comic have been replaced by less interesting and more conventional looking military-style ones, and there’s no hint of a hood with or without cat ears.

The timing is not unexpected. Hathaway is about to shoot some outdoor scenes in Pittsburgh so the studio is getting the jump on poor quality paparazzi photos.