First New Harry Potter Reviews

Warner Bros held their first test screening of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” in Chicago over the weekend, the film around 85% complete special effects-wise and clocking in at a surprisingly shorter than usual two hours and twenty minutes.

Two reviews have popped up online, both positive, and revealing some spoiler details. Here are some spoiler free glimpses:

“I found most scenes with Umbridge in them were kind of slow and got tiring very quickly. I also found the scenes with Hagrid’s brother to be incredibly awkward and clunky, which in my opinion should be excised. What parts did I like? I loved the parts where Dumbledore’s Army was training. Something was bothering me about the film that I couldn’t quite put my finger on and then I realized what it was not much really happened. So yeah, I felt that not a whole lot happened, and this story could possibly have been squeezed into another film…” (full review)

“All in all, the movie is a quick paced fun ride which is sure to wow audiences with the sharp visual effects and provide staunch literalists with a balanced story line. Director David Yates, who has mostly worked in television, has helmed a great movie. Condensing a book of near 900 pages into a film of tolerable length would be a challenge for any director…” (full review)