First Mocap Monkey Footage From “Apes”

It’s brief, VERY brief. But before the first trailer hits for the Rupert Wyatt-directed “Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes” later this week, Fox has released a four-second clip through their social networking pages.

That clip? Our first look at WETA’s motion capture work for the film’s simians, specifically what will likely be Andy Serkis as the ape Caesar. Fox previously revealed they had decided on using entirely mo-cap CG creations (ala Gollum) rather than actors in make-up used in both the old series and Tim Burton’s failed “Planet of the Apes” reboot.

This lead to much debate about how realistic the effect would be. The end result is rather unusual – the face is more human-looking than expected and rather unsettling. Certainly it looks as though Serkis’ performance will come through.

A featurette about the film’s making is expected to hit on Wednesday ahead of the trailer launch. Make sure to click on the full screen icon for the full effect.