First Marvel’s Guardians” Review Online?

An apparent first review of Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” has gone online over at Latino Review.

Most of it isn’t actually a review, so much as a sequence-by-sequence breakdown of what sounds like much of the film’s first two acts. The last two paragraphs though is an actual review and highlights the film’s strengths and weaknesses. Here’s an excerpt:

“Unlike any other Marvel movie, a lot more comedic than expected. The prison escape sequence is brilliant [and] Rocket steals the show. As expected, lots of neat easter eggs in The Collector’s collection… I was impressed with how well you knew most of the characters by the end. The soundtrack plays a huge part, both in the setting tone and being part of the story.

It’s not perfect. There are parts that drag, some action sequences that aren’t as strong as one might hope, and some puzzling/unexplained motivations. The good news is that there’s time to fix these things and, even if they don’t solve everything, it’ll still be a lot of fun. No matter what, I will absolutely be in line to go see it opening day.”

For the full review, click here.