First Land of the Lost Creature Look

USA Today has released the first photo of the new look Sleestak.

The lizard creatures with the single horn and giant eyes were the terror of the kitschy TV adventure series and this new incarnation will menace Will Ferrell in the big-screen remake.

The comedic film is currently shooting in multiple sound stages at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. The creatures first arrive in a temple where Ferrell’s character and his two companions (Danny McBride, Anna Friel) are hoping a giant crystal will return them to their own dimension.

The plot involves three adults accidentally thrust into a realm ruled by dinosaurs, monkey-men called Pakuni and the murderous Sleestak. Director Brad Silberling went to great lengths to keep the humanoid shape of the creatures, though one change is that their crossbows are now spinal quills they’re able to fire like arrows.