First “Hunger Games” Footage Underwhelms

If there’s one lesson Comic Con has imparted on studios in recent years is that if you go too early with too little, even ardent fans of your property can turn the hype against you.

On Sunday Lionsgate used the MTV VMA’s as a launching platform for the first footage for “The Hunger Games”, their upcoming film adaptation of the much hyped young adult novel series. The positioning was no surprise – the MTV Movie Awards have become synonymous with “Twilight”, and the studio wants to emulate the success of that film series model with a relatively low-cost young adult film franchise spawning big bucks (and unlike “Twilight”, expanding beyond the young girl demographic).

Unfortunately the trailer itself proved decidedly underwhelming – a lot of footage of a Canadian forest, a quick glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence getting in some archery, and the film’s logo. With a film like this which is based on a lot of social media word of mouth, the reaction was immediate.

“That was pretty lame. It actually made me not excited to see the movie at all”, “OMG, that was the lamest trailer teaser ever. And talk about Twilight copycat. I thought Katniss was running from the Cullens” and “not read the books and was surely not impressed by the trailer” said various commenters on E! Online.

With shooting having just wrapped, it would seem the production may have gone a little too early with this, and probably should’ve waited until some more finished footage was in the can. Certainly if you’re a non-fan or unfamiliar with the material, there’s nothing in it at all to get excited about. You can judge for yourself below, for now though we’ll have to wait until the first cinema trailer to get a decent idea of what to expect.