First Footage Of Plummer In “All the Money”

Just nine day after reshoots began on Monday last week, the first footage has been released of Christopher Plummer taking over the role of billionaire industrialist John Paul Getty in Ridley Scott’s upcoming drama “All the Money in the World”.

Kevin Spacey was cast in the role and was seen in the first trailer for the film a few months ago. In the wake of the scandal surrounding him, Scott announced ambitious plans three weeks ago to recast the role with his original choice of Plummer.

As the character only appears in a few key scenes in the film, it was estimated it would take about two weeks to do the reshoots necessary with scenes being recreated as opposed to Plummer being digitally added in later.

Reshoots began last Monday (November 20th) and continue through this Thursday with first screenings looking likely to take place earlier than anticipated. At last report the film was aiming to be locked by December 15th ahead of a December 22nd, but that lock date may happen sooner.

The fact that footage shot last week is already finished and being incorporated into this new TV spot shows Scott isn’t messing around and could well meet his deadline. Check out the spot: