First “Civil War” Trailer With “Star Wars”?

There have been rumors that the first trailer for “Captain America: Civil War” is set to be released before the end of the year, but which film it’s attached to is being debated online right now.

It began earlier today when Heroic Hollywood posted a rumor that claims the first trailer will be attached to the U.S. release of the new James Bond film “Spectre” next Friday.

That was quickly followed up by a report from Collider which claims footage will actually be attached to prints of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” which opens in theaters December 18th.

Neither report has been confirmed, but then HH reached out to other sources who claim the ‘Force Awakens’ trailer placement is correct. As does a photo suggestion this week on a much talked about Twitter account that seemingly belongs to the Russo brothers (who directed ‘Civil War’) but remains unverified.

The first footage from the film screened at the D23 Expo in August, just one week after production wrapped, but none of that clip was officially released online.